“Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words, because I've got a lot to say.”


Hello! I'm Allison. I’m passionate about film, photography, and theatre (as well as blazers, tacos, and Netflix). I strive to work at the intersection of art and technology, combining the best of storytelling and with powerful digital media tool to create content with purpose.

I hail from Columbus, Ohio, and attended Loyola University Chicago, studying film and digital media. But now you can find me conquering the nation’s capital, working full time in DC. 

I have loved the performing arts since my debut role as Hansel in my fourth grade class play. Ever since, I have explored other ways of telling stories. I have dabbled in everything from scripted theatre and improv, to animation and graphic design and am by no means done exploring. I plan continue discovering my passion for storytelling through a career in television and theatre production. 

When I'm not working you can find me at an improv show or taking photos, or, most likely, taking photos at an improv show.