Directing & Editing Reel

Here’s a short highlight reel of excerpts from my favorite projects.


Motion Graphics & Animation Reel


Narrative Shorts


Meet the world-famous painter whose work has been featured in Hampton Inns and Hilton Garden Inns across the globe.


What would you do if you only had one hour to live? Inspired by the false alarm nuclear threat to Hawaii.

Producer and Co-writer


She’s a hopeless romantic, he’s, well, not. But when you know, you know.

Producer, editor and co-director

Are we sleeping through life constantly engrossed in screens. She certainly is and she needs to wake up.

Writer, director, and editor




When explaining the assignment for this project, my professor said, “this is your last project of the semester, but it doesn’t need to be a grand opus.” I decided to make one anyway.


Valentine’s Day is a time for grand gestures, so I decided to propose to my dream employer, Netflix. I’m asking for their hand in employment. Hopefully I’ll be the #FutureMrsNetflix

Frosty the snowman, but in paper cutout animation form? Basically.


Loyola University Chicago


Below is a selection of videos I created during my internship with the Loyola University Marketing and Communications department.


Chicago Style Blog

Here are few videos I created for the female empowerment fashion blog, Chicago Style.




We profiled local Chicago photographer, Marc Brown to learn more about what photography means to him and his work with Best Buddies. This short was created as part of a larger documentary collaboration with the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art, and featured in our final film, Under One Sky.